Claire's New Collection: Back to school

As every year, Claire’s is helping you to make easier your back to school. How? It’s simple: with the best and the cutest things that you’d never imagine. We know –and Claire’s knows it too- that every girl has a personal style, so that’s why they created a lot of special and different school supplies. Here we show you three styles and you will probably feel more identified with one of them, so that will be the one that you could take to your new school year. Are you ready? Here we go!

Look 1: For chic girls

If you love pink and metallic colors, this is a look perfect for you. We all know that it’s hard go back to school, so that’s why we have to look for things that make that fact easier. For example, it’s less harder to write in a beautiful notebook with your nails painted in a gold tone. Isn’t it? And if you like decorating your notes, Claire’s has the perfect washi tapes for you! And don’t forget about your lips, because you’ll probably have to answer a lot of questions in class ;)

Look 2: For black lovers

Black is the only colors that matches with everything. So, why don’t you get all your school supplies in the darkest color? And if you love that gypsy touch, you have already find the perfect look for you. Obviously, a cute rings are necessary if you want your hands to look faboulous! And don’t forget about bobby pins: if you don’t want to miss anything in class and you want to see everything around you, you’ll need them! And last but not least, how pretty is that black pen? You’ll be the coolest with all this supplies in class this year!

Look 3: For the most fashion ones

Do you usually dream with going to Paris? Well, with this Claire’s notebook you can make this dream closer to reality. In there, you could write your dreams and goals in life! And, what about that chic nails? We are sure that they would make you happy every time you see them while you are writing. And if you have long hair and annoys you while your reading, no problem! You can use that fabulous velvet gum of hair. Finally, we all know that the magic recipe to resist all the school hours is coffee, so you can take it in this amazing water bottle.

So, what’s your favourite style?


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